Introducing the Simple Security Toolkit

Practical tips and tools for safer smart contract development



For crypto to go mainstream, the industry needs better security.

So, we're sharing the Simple Security Toolkit:  a collection of practical security-focused guides and checklists for smart contract development.

It is not intended to be comprehensive; it skews towards practical and opinionated recommendations that we find to be appropriate particularly for teams developing and managing early versions of a protocol.

Here is what it contains:

  1. Development Process - This is an example dev process that we follow, from initial design to deployment.
  2. Audit Readiness Checklist - Audits are expensive and require scheduling months in advance. This checklist allows teams to make the most of an audit by letting auditors focus on identifying deeper and more critical vulnerabilities
  3. Pre-Launch Security Checklist - Once the audit is done and deployment is near, teams should complete this checklist to make sure they have taken the necessary steps to enable reporting and responding to potential bugs or security incidents
  4. Incident Response Plan Template - No project expects to have a security incident, but it happens. This template is an action plan to help teams respond swiftly in such a scenario

Security has been a main focus for Nascent since our launch in November 2020. This kit was assembled from our experience, especially from assisting our portfolio companies.

If you would like to contribute, check the instruction on the Github.

And if you're starting a venture and want to work with a team who values security as much as you do, reach out to us or to a member of the venture team.

Stay safe out there.

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